Saturday, August 09, 2008

Back from Long Idle Mode

I am back from my longgggggg idle mode. hahaha. Nothing much to share actually. Life has been a bit gloomy and work challenges are though at my new place. sangat penat. Going through my to do list everyday while at the same time dealing with a lot of staff characters it makes me very tired. padan muka aku.

Many things happened to my life during my idle mode. 2 weeks in the hospital in June had make me realized that health is priceless. You can never exchange health with money etc. Bosan woo masuk hospital. Hari2 makan nasi hospital yang tak de rasa. I've lost 4 kg of my weight. Before admitted my weight is 43kg and now my weight is 39 kg. huhu...i need new pants for work...time to go for shopping while the MEGA SALE is still ON. sape nak join saya shopping?

Till here. i need to settle my claim. More money for shopping. haha.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Goodbye MDeCians..Gonna Miss All of U

Few pictures taken during my last day in MDeC. huhu. after a week leaving the nice and beautiful MDeC building. I miss my cubicle so much. :-(

I miss the pond, I miss the people and I miss everything. Gonna Miss The Environment So Much.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

After 4 Days

Not much that I can said after 4 days at my new place. Things are too new for me. It is still in adapting mode. But at the same time, I don't think I have much time to sit back and releks while adapting. Responsibility has been put into my shoulder. As far as I am concern, I don't mind taking it as a challenge. But of course at the same time I am a bit worried if I can't deliver. Sigh. Pray for me pleaseee.

I've been assigned to lead temporarily the marketing segment of the company. It is not an easy task since they don't have a clear structure, action plans and etc. Actually I'm hired to be part of the skill development department segment, but currently the critical stage for the company is to help the marketing guys to be more focus and structured. As conclusion to this, I'm taking care for this at the moment. Without any experience managing people and etc, I have 6 persons reports under me.huhu..big challenges for me right?

After 4 days, I still trying to understand each of my staff strengths and weaknesses for me to be able to plan effectively.

There are a lot of thinking and planning needs to be done. All the Best for me. hahaha.